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“I had the pleasure of being treated by Merle I had chronic fatigue, inability to sleep well and toxins in my body, after two sessions with Merle I felt more energetic and was able to sleep soundly again. she recommended certain herbal medication to address the toxins that were inhabiting my body and I feel like a new man! I strongly recommend Merle to everyone, and if you can’t go see Merle make sure you see an acupuncturist that is as certified and experienced as Merle is”

Jose Martinez

“I had a skin condition that I have had for a number of years.. I tried a number of different non-holistic remedies and none seemed to work.. I went to Merle Friedman’s office and with her help and excellent evaluation my condition has improved signficantly through a regimen of diet and her help.. thanks so much!.”

Howard Lake

“I started going to Merle after I hurt my back last summer, I was in pain all the time, after a few treatments and the Chinese medicine she put me on, I started to feel less pain, back surgery was not for me, acupuncture and Chinese medicine have helped my body to heal itself, I am thankful I went to her, she is gentle and cares about what she does to help people.I truly believe in Acupuncture.”

Jan Heintzel

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