Facial Rejuvenation

women adingOur facial rejuvenation is a non-surgical procedure that is a non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery. Most techniques are better suited for younger people just beginning to show signs of aging. However, our facial rejuvenation is a new method devised to focus on people in their 40s and 50s, especially those experiencing sagging skin and deeper wrinkles.

Merle’s non-surgical facial rejuvenation is much less expensive than surgery which can cost $10,000. A facial rejuvenation session using acupuncture can cost as little as $200. There is a shorter recovery period and a lower risk of post-operative infection and complications.

facial rejuvenation with acupunctureOur facial rejuvenation procedure consists of using very thin acupuncture needles placed in specific acupuncture points in the body, face and scalp to help improve circulation and the flow of Qi (electrical energy) to the face. We combine this with micro-injections of homeopathic products which help to improve the production of collagen thus diminishing wrinkles. We offer discounted packages for the cosmetic acupuncture procedure. The discounted package includes 10 sessions.

For maximum results, it is best to combine these procedures with an individual-specific detoxification regimen.

Call Merle Friedman (813) 381-3835 today, to be examined, diagnosed and treated to help solve your medical problem and improve your health. Merle accepts most insurance companies that recognize acupuncture as an effective treatment for their subscribers, such as Cigna Insurance – please check with your insurance company for further details.

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