Essential Oils

Essential oils are known for centuries for their healing properties, having been used by priests and physicians for thousands of years. Indeed they are mankind’s first medicine. There are 188 references of essential oils in The Bible. Oils such as frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, hyssop, and spikenard were used for anointing and healing the sick.

Essential oils are known for their strong properties which help with emotional balancing and detoxification. Frankincense and sandalwood have been known to be useful in protecting the brain by crossing the blood-brain barrier by increasing oxygen levels and improving neurotransmitter levels.

Essential OilsThe oils can be applied topically to the feet, ears, hands, and along the spine to create vibrational healing energy which can help remove Chi blockages and boost the immune system.

Ms. Friedman offers a variety of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil products to enhance your health and vitality.

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