Do you know someone who suffers with joint pain? Arthritis can cause debilitating pain and discomfort as well as emotional symptoms such as depression.  The good news is that there is hope for relief of joint pain using traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, cupping, auricular therapy and food therapy.  Acupuncture helps to improve circulation to the affected joints to relieve pain and inflammation.  Acupuncture also produces endorphins (the feel good chemicals in our bodies).  Cupping is also very beneficial to improve circulation and to relieve pain.  Auricular therapy involves treating the ears using ear seeds to relieve pain.

Some foods can contribute to causing inflammation and joint pain.  It is important to individualize nutrition therapy for each individual to determine which foods maybe causing symptoms.  Drinking adequate water is necessary for healing to occur.

Traditional Chinese medicine also considers the overall Qi (energy) of the individual.  Acupuncture, herbs, and a healthy diet will help to not only relieve pain, but will also increase energy levels and relieve depression.

At Brandon Acupuncture Center and Wellness you can receive all the above therapies as well as Far-Infrared and LED light therapy, hydrotherapy, Acupoint Injection Therapy and massage (Tui Na) to help you to get relief.

Why wait? Call today to get started on your healing journey!   Let Merle Friedman, AP be your guide to better health.  Merle is a nationally board certified acupuncture physician and a Licensed Dietitian with many years of experience.  Call today to schedule your visit:   813-381-3835.

We look forward to meeting you!

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