Is Macular Degeneration the end of the road? Can acupuncture help? WOW!!! Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) just gets better and better every day! I am thrilled to announce that I am now performing acupuncture treatments for individuals who are dealing with Macular Degeneration. The results so far are very positive. It is so rewarding to see a person’s vision and their quality of life being restored. About a year ago, my business neighbor came to me to ask if acupuncture could help in treating macular degeneration. He provided me with written information from an acupuncture physician who is successfully treating this condition. I reviewed the information and then filed it away.
This past month, the same neighbor told me that his vision is deteriorating, and his eye doctors have told him that there is nothing more that they can offer him. He seemed to be very frustrated with his situation. So I pulled out the information from my file and told him that we would need to begin treating him with acupuncture every day for 14 days. He said that he was ready to give it a try.
He decided, that in addition to getting acupuncture, he was willing to start drinking more water and to increase his intake of vegetables. So now, he is reaping the benefits. The following statement is his story about the results so far: “I’m an 80 year-old realtor and I have Wet Macular degeneration. I’ve been getting injections in both of my eyes by my ophthalmologist for the past 3 1/2 years. A year ago, Merle Friedman, Acupuncture Physician, suggested that I try Acupuncture for my eyes. I couldn’t believe that acupuncture would help my eyes until recently when I went online and downloaded some testimonials of people my age having the same problem and having good results from acupuncture treatment. I finally said OK to Merle, and after just 2 treatments, I noticed my eyesight improving. First, I noticed faces that were always blurry are now clearing up! Then, I found that I could read the newspaper again. Before, I could only see the headlines and I needed to use a magnifying glass for the fine print. Now, I can read the paper and books without a magnifying glass! The cob webs are disappearing (almost all gone) from my vision. My vision is getting clearer every day. Also, I can see much better driving now…it’s Amazing! I am now a believer of Acupuncture helping someone with Macular degeneration.”

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