What Our Clients Say?

Chuck in Valrico , FL writes of his results from acupuncture for severe foot pain:

“I had severe leg and ankle pain with searing heat in my feet.  My ability to walk was becoming more difficult by the day.  I had been tested for diabetes and thankfully the results were negative.  Two physicians prescribed pain medication that slightly reduced the pain, but had unacceptable side effects. 

Then a friend suggested I try acupuncture.  In desperation I went to Brandon Acupuncture Center and Wellness and met Merle Friedman.  It was my lucky day.  Merle’s treatments started reducing the pain after the first visit.   At the end of the second week, I was able to walk around Europe with minimal discomfort. 

After six weeks, I cut the pain medication in half with a goal of eliminating it permanently.  Merle’s treatments have improved the quality of my life.  While not totally pain free, I am headed in the right direction.”

CN from Valrico, Fl writes of her results from acupuncture for carpal tunnel:

“Unbelievable! No more pain! I could even think more clearly and felt more relaxed!”

CH from Temple Terrace, FL writes:

“After 5 weeks of pain, swelling, inflammation and the inability to use my injured hand…the results were fantastic!…I am a firm believer in acupuncture!”

R from Brandon, FL writes concerning sinus headaches and a painful bone spur:

“After first week, I had no more headaches and heel pain decreased dramatically!…Merle explains everything so a novice can understand…very personable and professional…feel she is someone I can trust!”

RB from Port Orange, FL writes concerning chronic sciatic nerve discomfort:

“I spent nearly $1500 between doctors and MRIs to find the cause of my hip and leg pain. They could not find the cause let alone stop the pain. After one acupuncture treatment from Merle Friedman, the pain and discomfort subsided.Unbelievable! Merle works wonders!”

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