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As I sit by my pool and look at the yellow-colored pollen coating the surface of the water, I am reminded that allergy season is upon us here in the Tampa Bay area.  I have suffered with allergies for most of my life. Along with the allergies comes symptoms like runny nose, wheezing, itchy throat and itchy eyes and ears.  In the past, I resorted to using over the counter allergy relief medicine which works for a while but has side effects like drowsiness.  Now, I have an arsenal of natural products which consist of herbal and homeopathic remedies without side effects.  In addition to these supplements, I can insert some very fine acupuncture needles into a few strategic points to help strengthen my immune system and stop the allergy symptoms.  The acupuncture works by fortifying the defensive energy or “wei qi” of the body to stop the allergy symptoms.  This works great without side effects.

Another great tool that I can use to get relief of allergy symptoms and to choose the best homeopathic remedy or herbal supplement is my electro dermal screening technology.  This is the zyto bioscan.  It helps me to identify what is causing stress on my body.  Since I have cats, I decided to test to see if the cats are causing some of my symptoms.  Sure enough, cat hair showed up  as one of the stressors affecting my body.   Based on the results of the zyto scan,  I was able to choose a homeopathic remedy to effectively stop my symptoms.  I also have a wonderful air purifier in my home that takes the animal dander and dust out of my indoor air  (go to and check out the “Fresh AirBox”).                                            

I am happy to offer these services to my clients so they too can get relief of annoying allergy symptoms.  Nutrition is also important to strengthen the immune system.  Excessive consumption of sugar will weaken a person’s immune system and can contribute to allergy symptoms.   I offer nutrition consultation, detoxification and purification programs  and a variety of Chinese herbal supplements to help my clients stop allergy symptoms.  I also carry some wonderful herbal supplements made by Standard Process.   I treat adults and children.      So you too can breathe easier this allergy season.  Call today for an appointment: 813-381-3835.  Merle J. Friedman, Dipl. AP, NCCAOM Board Certified Acupuncture Physician, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist.






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