I am happy that I am able to provide acupoint injection therapy for my clients. I usually suggest trying acupuncture treatments first. Last week, I had a new client who came to my office suffering with sciatic pain. Even though she is young, she needed to use a walker due to the severe pain. I treated her with acupuncture and she experienced some relief. She returned in 2 days for her follow-up visit still using the walker. I treated her with acupuncture which again provided some but not significant relief of her pain. I then treated her with acupoint injection therapy using Neuralgo Rheum made by The Medinatura company. She experienced significant relief from this treatment and she walked out of my office without the walker. Needless to say, she and her husband were very pleased with the results.

I chose the Neuralgo Rheum product for this client because she is dealing with nerve pain. This product is indicated for treatment of disc protrusion and nerve related conditions. If a client is dealing with inflammation and muscle pain, I would choose the products Traumeel and or Zeel. I also inform clients who come to my office dealing with osteoarthritis that these products are available.
I personally use the acupoint injection therapy to get relief from chronic neck and low back pain.

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