licensed nutritionist, Merle Friedman Many degenerative conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, premature aging, gout, osteoporosis, obesity, and fibromyalgia can be prevented by proper nutrition. By assessing and correcting nutrient imbalances, improvements can also be made in stress management, nervous system disorders, and inflammatory disorders. Nutrition is a powerful tool to enhance immune function.

In today’s fast paced Western society, eating “right” has become a challenge. Our foods have been processed, dyed, sprayed with insecticides, injected with hormones, and depleted of their natural health benefits. Fast food restaurants are easy stops for those “on the go” yet their nutritional benefits fall short of our body’s need to maximize our health.

Eating “right” entails knowing what to buy, how to prepare, what combination to use, and how much to consume. As a licensed nutritionist, Merle Friedman can give you the right answers to these and more questions.


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