Electro-Dermal Screening


Electro-dermal screening does not diagnose or treat disease. However it does give your health practitioner important information which can not be gathered from a simple examination alone, allowing more effective clinical treatment. Electro-dermal screening is a non-invasive experience which is comfortable and painless, giving revealing information about your body’s chemistry and constitution and what it needs to help secure optimal health.

By simply putting your hand on the ergonomically designed cradle of Electro-dermal screening device asĀ  pictured to the left, a computer is able to evaluate the galvanic skin response to over 40,000 programmed virtual stressors. How your body responds to these stressors is recorded and translated by the computer. This is a process called bio-communication.

Supplements from the data base can then be analyzed to determine those that are preferred by your body. Products not in the data base can be evaluated using a sensing tower. This simple non-invasive testing can help you live a healthier life plus save you time and money.
Merle Friedman is licensed by the State of Florida to perform diagnostics, prescription and treatment. Call (813) 240-4023 or email Merle today to set up an appointment to get an examination.

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